Angelica Potes

Founder & CEO

Driven by a vision, she saw the opportunity to create Bellator Capital Group, focused on Multifamily investments. Her focus? Value-add properties that not only safeguard investor capital but also deliver high-yield returns.

Beyond her business acumen, Angelica’s drive for personal growth is unstoppable. With over 25 years of experience in strategic sales management, she has an innate talent for spotting opportunities, nurturing fruitful partnerships, and guiding businesses into uncharted territories. This extensive experience has allowed her to develop a network that spans the globe.

One of Angelica’s greatest joys lies in empowering individuals to make their money work diligently for them rather than vice versa.

With fluency in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, Angelica fosters seamless communication with her investors and partners, creating a bridge that transcends borders.

Carolina Millan

Co-founder & COO